Inspiring Hope Organizing Medical Missions
in Developing Countries

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Quality Medical Care For Those Who Need It Most Overseas

MedLend is a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that organizes medical missions to help those who have limited access to health care. Teams of obstetrician-gynecologists (ob-gyns) and surgical doctors visit different countries to provide medical care and supplies as well as mentor local physicians, sharing sustainable and advanced surgical practices with them.

Our Vision

Global Access to Quality Health Care

Our Mission

We strive to improve women’s healthcare in less developed countries by mentoring local physicians to promote sustainable and advanced surgical practices. In addition to performing free surgeries, MedLend is committed to teaching and sharing information, skills, and resources with different medical communities.

Equipment Needs

Our wish list, their wishes answered.

Equipment Value

Electrocautery Machines ($4,000 each)
Instruments ($15,000)
Lights ($15,000)
Suction Machines ($20,000 each)
Generators ($31,000)
Patient Monitors ($35,000 each)
Operating Tables ($30,000)
Anesthesia Machines ($45,000)
Total Cost: $200,000

Teaching Students

Guiding the next generation of hope.

College students interested in becoming a medical professional are encouraged to join our medical missions. It is an opportunity to gain knowledge and first-hand experience while serving the global community.

We have limited slots for students and recommend sending in one application per year. During that time frame, our team will do our best to match you with an appropriate medical mission.

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Partners and Sponsors

Be a hero, become a sponsor.

Sponsors are special companies involved in helping MedLend meet our mission statement. Some have foundations that have given us small financial grants. Others have offered special discounts for goods or services since we are a registered 501(c)(3) organization or have donated supplies.

Meanwhile, partners are other organizations we work with directly to create medical missions. Below is a partial list of our partners and sponsors. If you think your company or organization could fulfill a positive sponsorship or partnership role with MedLend, please contact us for more information. Thank you.

  • ABC News

  • All Stars Helping Kids Foundation

  • Americares

  • A Positive Balance

  • BioMed

  • Comcast Newsmakers

  • Disciple Designs

  • The Forgotten International

  • Goldilocks

  • Goldman Sachs

  • Hospital Del Departamento De Huancavelica (Huancavelica, Peru)

  • Jax Vineyards

  • Hospital de la Familia - Nuevo Progreso, Guatemala

  • MAP International

  • McLucas Design

  • MedShare

  • Coconut Bay Thai Restaurant and Bar

  • Jax Vineyards

  • Mills-Peninsula Hospital

  • Nectar Wine Lounge

  • Pax Travel

  • The Pea Press

  • The Philippine Medical Society of Northern California

  • Raphis Medical

  • The Red Cross

  • Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School’s 7th Grade Class of 2009

  • Seton Medical Center

  • SonoSite

  • Surgical Optics

  • Valley Graphics Printing

  • Veteran's Regional Hospital (Bayombong, Philippines)

  • Whittemore Enterprises

  • Wristband World

  • Cook Biotech

Connect With Us

If you would like to support our cause by donating or becoming a volunteer, get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.